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Temperature Screening System

vIRalert 3 by AMETEK Land

As we continue to phase into reopening, it's essential to make sure that you are prepared to keep people protected from potential coronavirus carriers. As the impact of COVID-19 varies from state to state, it's hard for anyone to say that a particular product or solution is necessary for everyone. However, social distancing, hand hygiene, face coverings and temperature screening all play a vital part in helping businesses and institutions open up safely. Together, we can help you deploy AMETEK Land’s vIRalert 3, a thermal imaging system that accurately and non-intrusively detects fevers at the point of entry into any facility.

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Integrations Are Available: Our teams can work to integrate this system with your existing communications technology. In the healthcare space, we can help reduce staff exposure by tying vIRalert into your nurse call solution. In the education space, we can tie vIRalert into your access controls - keeping the doors locked if and when visitors fail their reading.

Designed For Every Environment: Healthcare Facilities, Commercial Buildings, Public Entities, Offices & Manufacturing Facilities, K-12 & Higher Education Campuses, Transportation, Houses of Worship, Hospitality, Sports & Leisure Venues

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Wireless Group Communication

ListenTALK by Listen Technologies

For many, the idea of restructuring operations to adhere to the six-foot rule is a daunting feat. With a powerful wireless group communication tool, like ListenTALK, is doesn't have to be! This mobile collaboration system delivers clear, encrypted audio to a group that is spread out up to 200 meters - yes, that's two football fields.

Applications: On-Site Training & Tours in Manufacturing Facilities, Museum Tours, Campus Tours, Corporate Tours, Bus Tours, Outdoor Presentations, Corporate Events

Wireless Audio Streaming Solution

Listen EVERYWHERE by Listen Technologies

This Wi-Fi streaming solution was designed initially for assistive listening, but can now be reimagined for businesses looking to stream content to their consumers. From a free Android or iPhone application, guests can stream content from multiple sources in or near your venue. This solution uses a venue’s existing wireless network, has ultra-low latency, and can accommodate 1,000 users per server. Application ideas? Restaurants can host a PDF version of their menu right in the app! Houses of worship and educational institutions can host outdoor/drive-in sermons and ceremonies!

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Live & On-Demand Video Streaming Device

Pearl by Epiphan

Live video production has never been so simple. Using this device's built-in touch screen, you can simultaneously capture, process, manage and deliver lectures, presentations, sermons and events across several content delivery networks. Make sure that your message is heard wherever your audience is.

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Ronco Offers Epiphan Pearl for Live Video Production - Lecture Capture and Video Streaming

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