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Our Clinical Design and Implementation team is dedicated to streamlining your facility’s processes. With custom support based on your clinical needs, this team works with your facility to implement each system while also offering clinical education, best-practice-based workflow design, and continuous clinical improvement opportunity. This team partners with your staff to increase clinical communication, improve patient safety, and quality of care.

Ronco D&I Northern Team

Together, we help you...

Identify, value, and prioritize optimization opportunities with a team that is dedicated to taking the hassle out of your current workflow. Deploy a structured, Lean approach to improving your workflow and discover opportunities to impact KPIs and increase patient satisfaction.  

Partner with our Lean certified consultants to build a strong communication strategy across the campus – closing any potentially critical gaps. Align your strategy with the integration of a unified solution to provide a seamless method of communication to your patients and staff alike. Spend more time focusing on the patient journey from start to finish, eliminate disruptions, and ensure a safer environment.    

We approach the Healthcare market as a partner in our customer’s success. We design a custom education plan for your system’s implementation that will empower your team to confidently embrace their new workflow solution. The education plan is customized and developed based on need, best practice of education principles and years of successful roll outs. We also realize that your initiatives will change, so our team offers opportunities for continuous clinical improvement and ongoing support for continued education. 

Workflow Optimization As a Service

For continuous clinical improvement, we will work with your facility to recognize relevant KPIs and opportunities for optimization that will positively impact your workflow and create efficiencies for your team.

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