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Create better patient outcomes and optimize your clinical workflow with a true enterprise solution.

Introduce a secure, scalable solution built to bridge the gap between IT and clinical staff. Break free from existing frustrations with an intelligent nurse call solution that is designed to keep everyone connected – from interdepartmental communication to cross-country data sharing. Formerly Responder 5, Responder Enterprise is designed to transform the way patient care is delivered and managed across units and facilities.

Ronco Nurse Call Solutions For Hospitals

Together, we help you...

Empower IT with a true enterprise solution that supports and improves the way patient care is delivered and managed across departments, buildings, and operational units.  Enable centralized management with a single set of servers, eliminating unnecessary capital and operational expenses. Minimize single points of failure and avoidable downtime while increasing system availability with real-time encrypted data. Easily add or remove facilities from the enterprise with the flexibility to grow and respond to change without added layers of complexity. Maintain full visibility of your nurse call ecosystem with customized dashboards and reports.  

Create a personalized approach for your clinical teams with a solution that delivers real-time data right to their fingertips without compromising security. Optimize system usage and improve clinical transparency with Enterprise EMR documentation. Achieve consistent and repeatable outcomes by standardizing best practices across the enterprise with templates and workflows built to enable better patient outcomes, and increased staff satisfaction and engagement. Leverage staff and department performance dashboards to monitor, report on and ensure care plan compliance. Utilize management dashboards for proactive trending and analysis, addressing issues before they escalate.  

Partner with our Clinical Design & Implementation team to review and improve training, processes, and protocols so that you can achieve consistent and repeatable outcomes across the enterprise. Together, we map your organizational challenges with the intent to empower your facility’s workflow and improve patient and staff safety. Realizing that your initiatives will change, our team offers opportunities for continuous clinical improvement and ongoing support for continued education. Get the most out of your true enterprise solution and ensure sustainable results with a support team that scales with your needs. 

Services & Support

Our job isn't finished once your solution is installed. We take system management very seriously with flexible service and support options available to suit your customized needs.

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