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Empower your staff and provide your patients with the highest level of care with a Rauland solution.

Discover a nurse call solution for skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes, Rauland R5000. Keep communications flowing efficiently, manage workflows and staff more effectively while improving staff retention, and patient care outcomes that create a true community of care for patients and their families.

Ronco Nurse Call Solutions For Skilled Nursing Facilities

Together, we help you...

Maintain full visibility of your facility’s workflow with a system that monitors and trends critical activities for continuous improvement. Manage control of infectious residents and identify fall-risks with a constant flow of real-time data. Program and monitor automated rounding practices and alerts to ensure care plan compliance. Balance privacy and safety with two-way communication from the patient’s bedside or lavatory, and with patient location capabilities. Prevent wander-related injuries and associated liabilities with wander prevention system integrations.  

Create an environment optimized for healing and reassure your residents and their families that their needs are being met. Promote better sleep and quicker recovery while avoiding readmissions by reducing unnecessary noise in your facility. Strengthen family engagement by allowing them to make direct requests to staff. Reassure these family members that their loved one’s safety and security is top-of-mind with resident location visibility and monitoring.  

Identify over-burdened staff situations for rapid mitigation and improved staff satisfaction. Empower interdepartmental integration to include Housekeeping, Environmental Services, and Transport staff. 

Our Clinical Design & Implementation team is dedicated to streamlining your facility’s processes. With custom support based on your clinical needs, this team partners with your staff to empower your facility’s clinical workflow and improve patient and staff safety. Realizing that your initiatives will change, our team offers opportunities for continuous clinical improvement and ongoing support for continued education. Get the most out of your nurse call system and ensure sustainable results with a support team that scales with your needs.  

Services & Support

Our job isn't finished once your solution is installed. We take system management very seriously with flexible service and support options available to suit your customized needs.

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