Not to Brag but Our Team Rocks!

We are staffed with talented professionals who gauge their success based on that of our customers. But, we do know how to let our hair down and have a serious bit of fun. Check out our team spotlight page!


Your Partners In Integrated Technology

Ronco is an integrated communications technology company providing communications technology, installation, and support for critical organizations seeking to create better-connected experiences for their employees and customers. Our expertise is in Healthcare Efficiencies, Education Solutions, AV Systems, and Business Communications. Founded in 1965, we are a third-generation family-owned and operated organization headquartered in Buffalo, NY, with multiple locations operating along the East Coast.

Ronco is committed to the practice of delivering outstanding customer service with a deep understanding of project management. Discovery is key to establishing project objectives. Our teams improve workflow through system design, empower through training, unlock capabilities with integration, and offer assurance with continued support through life-cycle management.

With an average employee tenure of 11 years, our experience authenticates our capabilities. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality technology and exceptional professional and managed services. We approach the market as a partner in our customer’s success!

The Ronco Personalized Approach

We make the effort to know you and your systems. You can count on a familiar face when engaging with our team. Local decision making allows us to respond quickly and solve challenges as an extension of your organization.

Accreditation Backed By Experience

Our install and service teams are not only certified and accredited, but we have the track record to prove it. With an average employee tenure of 11 years, our team has on the job experience to back the application of our credentials.

Educate To

Our commitment to educating our customers is second to none. Mapping technology to workflow, we act as a resource to help our customers realize the greatest potential from their investment.


It Started With Generators

After World War II, founder Harry Ronan began a career as a bench technician at Motorola servicing two-way communications radios. During his tenure there, he attained the position of Vice President of Sales. Several years later, Harry decided that it was time to exit the corporate world to start his own company – The Ronan Company later shortened to “Ronco.” Harry felt his new company founded in Western New York should be based on sound engineering principles and asked Bob Dutschman (also a Motorola engineer reporting to Harry at the time) to join him in his new venture.

Harry and Bob set their sights on new construction projects. They worked closely with architectural and engineering firms to assist in the design of standby power requirements for various facilities. Ronco provided electrical contractors with the product, engineering, and field support for highly complex and custom standby power applications. As those relationships grew and the technology evolved, so did the needs of the local firms.

By the mid-1970s, Ronco was truly diversified: designing, selling, integrating and maintaining a wide range of communications solutions, from school intercoms and clocks, to nurse call hardware, telecommunications, professional sound, and TV distribution systems. Ronco was growing exponentially. This momentum continued into the 1980s when through acquisition, Ronco established operations in North Carolina.

In 1995 following the passing of Harry Ronan, Chris Wasp Sr., Harry’s son-in-law, stepped in as Ronco’s CEO. His objective was to grow what made Ronco work, its people, relationships and proven process and bring that to more markets and customers. Over the next 22 years Ronco grew from serving 5 markets to 15 throughout the Eastern United States including a dedicated practice focused on the Federal space.

Today, Ronco continues to grow and remain a family enterprise, led by 3rd generation ownership, Chris Wasp, Jr. (grandson of Founder, Harry Ronan), CEO of the Ronco companies. Chris’s vision for the organization is that of an engaged team, working and winning together, focused on the purpose of making better-connected experiences for their customers. Chris believes that every interaction with Ronco should leave the customer feeling as though they are Ronco’s only customer. Ronco maintains a strong connection to their family heritage and believes strongly in the power of its people and their ideas.