System training

made easy with customized clinical education sessions.

Whether you're looking to minimize alarm fatigue, increase user adoption, proactively address staff turnover, or realize faster patient care, our customized education sessions are available to you! Once we have reviewed your facility's integrations, we will customize education materials and schedule on-site classes for staff and admin to ensure they have a solid understanding of how their environment's technology works. This service can be arranged as a subscription, as we offer quarterly, semi-annual and annual pricing plans.

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Hardware Sessions

We offer basic hardware education sessions for all users. Typically, this training is set in empty patient rooms with an ideal group of no more than 12 users so staff can understand system function in a real-time setting. Custom guides are provided for all attendees and attendance sheets are provided to Nurse Managers for training verification.

Software Sessions

We also offer software education for all users. This training is developed around a small group, ideally no more than 6 users, set in a classroom lab setting. Staff is shown how integrations, such as RTLS and wireless phones, marry together for staffing assignments. This training also goes into the granular day-to-day functions of the system.

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Custom Clinical Education Sessions

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