Collaborate with intent and enable your spaces with

technology that connects users and simplifies the experience.

Collaboration is fundamentally at the core of every organization – it's how business gets done. Do your spaces support your teams the way your teams support your organization? Conference rooms and huddle spaces are places to interact and blend live attendees with virtually available resources, and if done right, everyone benefits.


Powerful Solutions

  • Automated Room Control Systems
  • Video Presentation Systems
  • Interactive Displays
  • Cloud Phone Systems
  • Sound Masking Solutions
  • Networking
  • Security & Access Control

Together, we help you...

When you incorporate flexibility into your meeting space, you move from a conference room to a huddle space. Huddle spaces offer teams extensible configuration options which create a dynamic, scalable environment to support your business.

When your collaboration space has tools that work seamlessly together, you’re able to get to tasks quicker and with better outcomes. Wires add complexity and distraction to teams trying to work together. Make sure your solutions are configured optimally to make connecting simple.

Provide the tools necessary for collaboration, including interactive whiteboards, video/audio conferencing, and presentation capability, all with the simplicity of use that makes everyone look professional. A space without technology is just a space.



Services & Support

Our job isn't finished once your solution is installed. We take system management very seriously with flexible service and support options available to suit your customized needs.

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