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Enable faster, more direct communication between patients and nurses while optimizing your clinical workflow.

Respond to Patient Needs

Responder 5 not only notifies your staff that a patient needs help but also indicates what specific needs they require. Nurses can assure the patient that someone is coming to assist, or clarify their needs, no matter where they are.

Help Ensure Patient Safety

Corridor lights outside of patient rooms alert staff of a patient’s high-risk status (falling, infection, or other risks). Special needs are also signaled on the nurses’ management console, allowing for automated rounding reminders at different intervals that are in-line with patient needs.

Inform Clinical Decision Making

Responder 5’s comprehensive reporting functionality provides detailed insights into ward operations and highlights any resourcing challenges. This allows nursing unit managers to make informed day-to-day decisions based on specific data such as nurse call type, specific rooms, or particular dates.

Partner With Our Clinical Consultants

This team of Lean-certified practitioners, clinical consultants, and RNs will work with you to optimally design your clinical workflow. They offer continued quality initiatives through leveled education sessions for all end-users!

Why Ronco

We Are A Local Support Team You Can Rely On

Rauland's Responder 5 solution transforms communication in hospitals and medical centers. When you choose Ronco to integrate this system into your facility, you are choosing a local support team backed by over 55 years of experience in critical communications. We take this already intuitive technology and customize the functionality to meet your facility's clinical needs. Our engineering team optimizes your solution while our clinical consultants provide customized educational sessions for all end-users.

With 24x7 system support and, where capable, remote monitoring, you can count on Ronco to keep your mission-critical solution fully functional. With in-house, comprehensive testing environments for Responder 5, we are able to troubleshoot your system in realtime and test future system changes without compromising your current workflows. As we are proud to serve an industry that serves the public good, we like to think of ourselves as extensions of your team.

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